Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #9 [The Mid-Game] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #9 [The Mid-Game]

Aza Nice
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This Cookie Clicker video mainly shows you what heavenly upgrades to buy

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  1. the thing that triggered me the most is he just let the carm lump auto harvest and he only got 1 from it

  2. oh my god i thought i was lategame not midgame

  3. Keep up the great work! Loving this series!

  4. i don't wanna be that type of guy who always says this, but you really deserve more than 70 subs

  5. i already beat the game

    i wasnt using any combos and was playing normally without refreshing but after watching ur vids i got insane combos and reached quindecillion cookies and have every hevenly upgrade except the ones that need 777 and 777777

    thanks for the guide

  6. Ive been doing it all wrong for years thanks for showing us how do play with a good strategy!
    edit: another thing do you have a discord server?

  7. I've recently gotten EXTREMELY into this game and your videos have helped a ton! I definitely wanted to thank you for all the amazing explanations and tips, cookie clicker always was a random idle game to me but having it on Steam has given me a lot of reason to get lost in it!

    I wanted to ask one thing, I'm deep into my 4th ascension with a couple million heavenly chips, but I cannot recreate the 4-buff combos you have. Generally I get a frenzy + click frenzy + selling buildings for a big burst, but getting a building special too seems impossible? Especially now that all my golden cookies have become wrath cookies since I completed the Grandmapocalypse, its very difficult to chain anything together beyond a frenzy + click frenzy for those disgustingly high numbers. I'd appreciate some feedback ^-^

    Thanks again for the amazing content!

  8. Thank you so much for this guide, it's extremely helpful

  9. Hey I appreciate you answering my question in the outer video, closing the game and reopening works really well for saving spells

  10. should I now ascend at 180 million heavenly chips

  11. Can I also ascend at 7 million cookies or would that be stupid?
    Btw you're a huge help I would have never gotten that far without your guide

  12. I'm kinda late but i have issues with wrath cookies. I removed every buff from the temple minigame and still managed to get only warth cookies. Probably like 50 in a row.

  13. Why would you wanna sell 100s of buildings at a time?

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