Cookie Clicker in real life -

Cookie Clicker in real life

Nick Forslund
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  1. “Scientists still think that soon the earth will get flooded with cookies.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I wish I could spawn cookies like that

  4. Huh, guess I can save world hunger 🙂

  5. Castle make and play in real life be like:


  7. "Neeeeeew EEEEEEE keeeeey working fineeeeee, reeeeeports gleeeeeeeeeful journalist."

  8. i don't know what i expected from the video

  9. Cookie clicker irl would be legitimately terrifying. Imagine, you’re entire universe has been enslaved, all forced by some cruel outer being to do nothing but make cookies. Every invention that could’ve possibly helped humanity has gone towards making more cookies. The very fabric of your existence, and the gods that created it are enslaved and forced to make cookies. The reality upon which your universe exists, is taken, and reshaped to make more cookies. As other universes are discovered, they are also enslaved in the same way. As more and more universes are enslaved and warped into one massive lump of cookie dough, it’s discovered that this apocalypse was all caused by a being so far above your comprehension that even the gods are nothing to it. A being that could end your suffering in an instant, and return the world to normal with just a single click. Then, that being as well is enslaved, forced to continue to make more planes of reality upon which more cookies are made and as more and more of these outer beings are attained an ever growing, and yet insignificant number of cookies are created until the end of existence itself

  10. I dont know what that is but
    Made me smile😂

  11. cookieiweawhuiehiuhdauiahndwasdsadbsdbhias

  12. This is a rare footage of a rare cookie clicker

  13. litteraly how the game is,good job,100% accuracy

  14. Do you know how bad this could be our whole world will be made of cookies

  15. Amazing. I love it. Where can I buy this.

  16. I would click that cookie 200 times

  17. Step 1 make cookies
    Step 2 inslave Azathoth and clone It multible time where your Azathoths Dream up more Azathoth
    [You have now Complete 27% of Achievements]


  19. You are now going to be my autoclicker.

  20. Me when I tap a cookie꧁꧂

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