Cookie Clicker - Game ending -

Cookie Clicker – Game ending

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Hello guys, I played Cookie Clicker 1 week, it is possible, i have ~999’999’999’999… Cookies Want my save game?

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  1. AntVenom didn't bring me here. I have been playing this game for 2 days.

  2. i use the newer version that is WAAAAAY harder

  3. this game makes me want to make cookies irl

  4. I was bored and decided to type "Cookie clicker" in Google search.. And found the game.

  5. I've been playing for a month straight, I think my time machines are calling me… I can't stop, its… its impossible to click the exit button… Every time I try, it hurts me… Please help me! I have to get back to scho– AHHH! I HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE GAME! IM SORRY!

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