Cookie Clicker Explained -

Cookie Clicker Explained

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This is a video about clicking cookies.

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Created with Adobe After Effects and a Shure SM7B microphone:

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Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Eric Louis-Dreyfus, Triangle Wine Company, Harry, Shane Veglia, Nikos Moraitakis, Zach Gordon, Steven Placencia, Joel Soucy, Ali Almuhanna, Trace Mychal, Ria McDoodle, Tim Cunniff, Livesundersink, Joshua, Travlis Hallingquest.

0:00 Cookie Clicker
3:41 Cookie strategy
6:46 Cookie apocalypse


  1. The end of the video where the screen goes black really got me thinking, 'Why am I playing this game? Do I have a life? A family?'

  2. "The unenlightened masses

    They cannot make the judgment call

    Give up free will forever

    Their voices won't be heard at all

    Display obedience

    While never stepping out of line

    And blindly swear allegiance

    Let your cookies control your mind

    Live in ignorance

    And purchase your happiness

    When blood and sweat is the real cost

    Thinking ceases, the truth is lost

    Don't you worry

    You'll be told exactly what to do

    I give my people the lives they need

    The righteous will succeed

    The fires of greed will burn the weak

    So we'll make freedom obsolete

    Making whole the fabric of society

    Collective consciousness controlled as you will see


    Let your cookies control your soul

    Let your cookies control your soul

    Let your cookies control your soul

    Let your cookies control your soul"

  3. I really hate the mobile game isn't this complex.

  4. Me waiting for game theory to make a episode about cookie clicker

  5. Replace the word "cookies" with the word "money" and you've got our harsh reality!

  6. Anyone who counts how many times did Alt Shift X says cookie is legend

  7. Start: me happy me want make cookie

    End: Turns grandmas into fleshy monstrosities, rips time and space to harness cookies, breaks the forth wall.

  8. says the deepest shit
    “THANKS for watching this VIDEO about COOKIE CLICKER!!1!”

  9. Take a shot every time he says "Cookie"

  10. wow I cant believe I was compared to a green piece of paper lol

  11. thanks for inspiring my endless capitalism even further

  12. Jerry Stop Clicking Cookies Please You Haven't Drinked Or Ate For 10 days

  13. Why is it annoying me so much he isn’t spending stuff like his sugar lumps he doesn’t get the upgrades 😭

  14. He missed a golden cookie at the beginning 😭

  15. I feel like someday it will be like that with money

  16. Someone needs to count how many times he said cookie in this video.

  17. How did we go from hiring a grandma to bake cookies for you to risking the lives of the elderly for profit and causing eldritch gods to appear simply to taste your cookies


  19. want dev tools put this "crispy saysopensesame" no cap

  20. this is no longer a game it never was this is our realty a system only concerned with its grow and how much it grows to the point of braking under it self crushing millions in it obsessiveness with its self

  21. Alternative method of getting cookies.
    Game.cookies= infinity;

  22. I just think the game of clicking a cookie and making more

  23. It's just has been 1:37 in and the video already said "thousands of people in the cookie temple praying at the baker in the sky" 😂😂

  24. Sometimes I love to go to this vid and just see morons on the comments section took it seriously

  25. The only other thing than humans I've seen grow simply for growth sake is cancer.

    -Walt Whitman

  26. I did not come here expecting a scathing critique of late-stage capitalism, but I am not disappointed.

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