Cookie Clicker Cast - What Makes A Game "Great"? -

Cookie Clicker Cast – What Makes A Game “Great”?

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Cookie Clicker is a game about making an absurd amount of cookies. To help you in this endeavor, you will recruit a wide variety of helpful cookie makers, like friendly Grandmas, Farms, Factories, and otherworldly Portals.

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  1. 31:05 I think that might describe the lobotomy Corporation fandom pretty well. I just love that game so much, and I can’t explain why.

  2. I do really want you to try out Kittens Game. It is a civilisation building idle/clicler which has a bunch of resources. Maybe for that review series? Maybe a blind playthrough review?

  3. Hey Wanderbot, Keep Up The Good Work We Appreciate You.

  4. I love this conversational kind of podcasty talk thing.
    Very chill/ relaxing

  5. If you have sugar lump upgrade farm it unlock minigame to plant seeds that one beneficial for your cookies.

  6. Great episode and series!
    Thoughts on the Calvinball / Rubric's cube section:
    Sounds really interesting, perhaps as the channel's game rating system in the future?
    You could perhaps do evolution videos on it if you get stuck on something?
    Regarding games that interests me, I'd add nostalgia/franchise recognition in the mix also.
    Good topics, well formulated and really racked my brain why I like the games I play.

  7. This was Ehrgeiz: Forsaken Dungeon to me, a classic from my childhood. Free moving fantasy dungeon crawler rpg which clunky as hell mechanics and a few features you'd really never use unless you'd spec specifically for it, but i lost myself for DAYS in it at a time as a kid. It had a basic story that would only grow more with the optional readings you'd be able to unlock, a whole nutritional system that would actually effect how your combat stats developed, and a method for encouraging you to use all the characters you had at your disposal, since lagging anyone behind could reasonably meet you with a game over if you weren't prepared to go through the same challenges with someone other than who you mained. It was by no means a 10 star game, but it was great to me due to how easily I could turn my brain off, forage in a dungeon for dinner, and go deeper and deeper to figure out just where the place ended.

  8. Note wanderbot, the more things like cursors you have the better the possible upgrades you can get!

  9. A great game is personal opinion. What makes it that for me, intuitive gameplay, interesting mechanics, a story, visual appeal(not hyper real, just appealing)…

  10. The fastest way to advance is basically achievements. You get "milk" upgrades at 25/50/75 etc. So while "100 farms" is fairly useless, it's still an achievement.

  11. Can we have a Chelle Special CookieCast soon ?
    With both of you, of course, and really cheery topics like foods and recipes or pets and travels.

    And or maybe, question segments for Chelle if you want

  12. Agreed. Great game is kinda nebulous. As you said, some games you can point to specific things, but it's always a mix.

  13. Hey, if you want a game with a great soundtrack you should check out terraria with the calamity mod.

  14. so close, pretty cool you read my comment on the last video but the spell you want is the hand of fate(which you can't afford you need more wizard towers), the goal is to get a frenzy and a Click Frenzy at the same time. basically get a frenzy use the spell to force anther gold cookie and hopefully get the click frenzy ( the spell causes that cookie to be weighted towards click frenzy over other effects) which together is x7 x 777 per click this will get you a stupid amount of cookies very quickly easily getting you new upgrades/buildings in seconds also the spell backfire causes a red cookie to appear most of the effects it gives are bad however there is one effect known as elder frenzy which give you x666 your total CpS for 6 seconds this is equivalent to about 7-8 hours this is worth clicking on as the bad effects only last a min or two at worst. as for the temple just put the building price reduction on diamond you don't have any chip effects so there no downside.

  15. I think what makes a great game is finding something you enjoy about it. It's funny this episode came out when earlier today, my boyfriend asked "why do you like the souls series so much?" And my response was "I don't really know, it's not like I can pinpoint the reason, I like it because I do"
    But giving it more thought, I think I like it because in a small way there is some replayability to it. New or better items and each run can be done differently with different builds.
    Same thing with Destiny 2 for me. A great way to hang out with friends and get new gear for our characters.

  16. Games should not punish You for Playing them the way They were intended to be played;

    If a Player faces a setback then it should be Their Own fault in some way. Not random chance. EX: choosing to take a risk, & getting that temporary production debuff, vs, what it would feel like if The Game just randomly chose to debuff production without any warning or input from The Player.

    (of course, different games work different ways; EX: a Weather system could randomly subject a Player to a debuff, but if The Player has some way of Preparing for it when They know about it, then that could work… But if They don't, then You get Zelda BoTW's Rain, which puts a stop to one of the game's best features… Exploration via climbing)

  17. Thank you for this podcast, its relaxing and thinking and just plain groovy.

    As far as specific gameplay on this game, buy all the things.

  18. Would you consider nexomon extinction was a great game? If you do, what do you think was the core that couldn’t be removed?

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