Coin Merger: Clicker Game- I got $200 PayPal Money free on this app with proof | Make money online -

Coin Merger: Clicker Game- I got $200 PayPal Money free on this app with proof | Make money online

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Coin Merger: Clicker Game- I got $200 PayPal Money free on this app with proof | Make money online

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  1. Bkit sakin need daw watch ng 50 ads bago makuha ang payment? Hindi pb scam nun?

  2. Thank you for invite code for this app sister

  3. Please sister show this video your invite code setting invite code not use my device please help me

  4. Hey dude stop promoting fake app its totally annoying of you every app you promote is not paying. Can you promote an app which is paying for real?

  5. Sakin tapos na tinapos ko yung panonood ng advertice 3-7 days daw makukuha

  6. Did you have to watch 50 video to activate?

  7. thechinahacks are so awesome .They helped me out financially during hard times .

  8. scam na to mga lods wag kayo masyado mag papaniwala lalo na sa paypal mag crypto currency nlng kayo suggest ko faucetpay then transfer to coinbase

  9. vou testar deus queira pague mesmo

  10. Why po nung nag install po ako niyan wala pong nakalagay na withdrawal , star lang po nakalagay ?

  11. U need a us one to get paid that's stupid

  12. Alguém recebeu ? Eu estou esperando.dar 7 dias pra saber

  13. How do you get paid to Paypal and I don't?

  14. Thank you for sharing that but mines says 7 days and it said to watch 100 videos and the second one said watch 200 videos and still in review why 😩😩??

  15. Ja hahh how you dont have adds??? I must watch an add for every single Claim and why is IT that you didnt watch the adds to get paid???

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