Coin Merger : Clicker Game (Early Access) will this game prove to be legit or just another scam? -

Coin Merger : Clicker Game (Early Access) will this game prove to be legit or just another scam?

Real or Fake Made by Kim
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I will be playing the game through and watching the adverts so you don’t have to…
I will play it for as long as it takes to be able to show proof if it’s real or fake!

I will always show 100% honest results 😁
No false hopes or b.s.

If you would like me to test a game leave a comment or the link and I will do my best to expose as a scam or if it’s actually legit, share the good luck 🤞😘

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  1. How do I get my payment it's been over seven days and you were supposed to review it and what's the deal?

  2. Voll der Betrug. Warte schon fast 4 Wochen auf eine Auszahlung. Stundenlang Videos schauen und nix passiert. Absolute Verarschung!!!

  3. Здравствуйте скажите пожалуйста как вывести деньги с этой игры

  4. Been in review forever now. Send me my money.

  5. Hunderte von Videos angesehen. Nicht einmal 1 Euro wurde ausbezahlt. Wenn dass kein Betrug ist, verzichte ich auf Weihnachten

  6. Can I get Paid now. This App Said with in 7 days it's on it's 9th. Day come on man😒

  7. Totally fake game you have to watch so many videos to be abke to cash out within a certain amount of tine which impossible so you'll never get any money from the game or the developer its totally fake delete the game and ban this developer

  8. I won $500 and $800, its been 2 weeks,no money received.

  9. Mercedes GC oxblood CV CBC CV CXC j Pilcher says:

    Google why are y'all letting them get away with this?

  10. It says I have received my pal money and it is being reviewed within 7 days. It gas been 9 days and still no money yet. CAN You help me out with this issue. Please and Thank you

  11. Je n ai jamais reçu l argent … arnaque, rien de plus

  12. Fake. Ich warte noch immer auf die Auszahlungen. Überall steht nun: in Bericht
    Was das nun heissen soll, weiss ich nicht aber es ist eine Menge Geld wo aussteht. Sollte doch irgendwann noch eine Auszahlung kommen, werde ich mich hier nochmals melden!

  13. Scum bag evil bastards. My PayPal winnings have been under review for ever. I want to see this App and the people who are behind this shit put in jail.


  15. I'm still waiting for the 7day review for a month now… SCAM! SCAM! SCAM

  16. Of course it's fake I'm still waiting for my all my cards and everything that I have coming but why you think's going to happen nothing of course I think people ought to be put in jail for one thing sick of these God damn people lying all the f**** time and getting away with it karma's a b** m********** come get you some

  17. yo it's been more then 7 days . wtf. yall selling dream. pay me. false advertising. I wonder of we all got together and sued them for false advertising. cant even contact them .. I should have known.. too good to be true. I hope I'm proven wrong

  18. When I withdraw they said I need to watch 50video, and once I get done they said I need to watch150video. What the fuck

  19. Ich warte seit 2 Monaten darauf das Irgendwas passiert………bis Heute ist nix angekommen…….Was schade ist….denn Eigentlich ist es ein Schönes Spiel……

  20. Das Spiel macht zwar Spaß , aber wie lange dauern bei euch 7 Tage??🤷

  21. Total scam! Never pays out. Got boring and easy after playing awhile. Uninstalled!!!

  22. Unfortunately it is fake. Held in review for a while. No contact for the company.

  23. I have not got my 500$ and now it says FAILED an I was checking in everyday

  24. How long do I have to wait for my payouts??? It's been well over a week and still waiting…. If this game doesn't actually pay take it down!!! No one should be able to falsely advertise or claim things that aren't true!

  25. After reading all the other comments I'm freaking deleting the crappy suck ass totally lame ass game!!! Lies lies lies!!! Hate hate despise this lying ass game!!!

  26. Bei meinem Spiel sehe ich nur oben rechts den Münzbutton ohne Auszahlungsfunktion und der Button für Paypal ist gar nicht vorhanden! Woran liegt das?

  27. Ich kriege mein Google play Guthaben nicht

  28. I have at least four cards that are still saying they will be reviewed in seven days and this was from last month and another one says it failed…

  29. I haven't been paid either theses games are bullshit

  30. This game is a scam it been way pass 7 day review should start a lawsuit against this company Game false advertising

  31. This is a fake bs game first it said money will be in paypal in 3 days then it said I had to watch 50 videos and I did now it's telling me I got to watch a 100 more videos! This game is a fake fake game and I hate scammers like these people. Don't play it they are making money off people…

  32. Ну и где деньги,прошло уже 7 дней,денег как нет так и не будет кажется!!!!

  33. It's been a month since I won prizes,until now I did not receive any… it's Christmas I'm still hoping to receive some

  34. Wann kommt das Geld auf PayPal


  36. This is B>>> S>>> Thank you for sharing. I haven't played long thank goodness. When I saw ad for this game I thought Heck yea finally one that will pay….. I had two cards supposedly
    to pay out I had to sleep as it took most of two days to get these cards. When I first left game it said watch 50 ADS. Then went bk next day it said 150 ADS wtheck. Ok then Now I KNOW
    It will be all over for these guys internet is fast and allot of people will know THIS IS A SHAM Unfortunate to I liked the game SORRY DESIGNERS YOU MESSED UP WITH US LOOSER…

  37. Well I had 2 unexplained fails.. I've jumped thru hoops and watched ads.. waited for weeks.. no payments nothing.. they need to be sued for false advertising.. I gave them a benefit of a doubt and played their stupid damn game they could at least pay something to all of us.. we made them rich just downloading it..

  38. This is a fake game. Not one payment has been given.

  39. What a joke. Damn piece of shit fake game


  41. I've been playing and I made enough to get $100 PayPal it said it was interview for 7 days it's been over 7 days I haven't gotten anything from them there's no money in my PayPal account where's my money

  42. Уроды где мои деньги!!!!

  43. This game sucks ass! It doesn't ever pay! Fake ass fraudulent crappy ass game! Lies lies lies YEAH 👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  44. WTF where is my Amazon gift card??? Best be in account within 48 hours reporting to BBB

  45. Ich habe bereits am 10.12.21 eine Auszahlung von Paypal sowie Amazon beantragt! Die erforderliche Anzahl an Videos habe ich auch geschaut! Nun steht bei mir: Herzliche Glückwünsche, wir werden ihre Auszahlung innerhalb von 7 Tagen überprüfen! Heute ist der 27.12. und die Auszahlung ist immer noch nicht da! Die angeblichen 7 Tage sind schon lange rum!!! Ist das ganze nur Zeitvertreib und es kommt gar nichts??? Vielleicht Fake?

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