Codes For Anime Racing Clicker (Roblox) In July 2023 #shorts -

Codes For Anime Racing Clicker (Roblox) In July 2023 #shorts

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Check out the latest Anime Racing Clicker codes, a Roblox game that follows the recent popular trend of clicking and racing games on the platform. You may have heard of other popular games like Race Clicker, but this one takes your favorite anime shows and creates races out of them.

You can redeem these codes for Anime Racing Clicker and earn Shurikens – that’s the reward you get for winning a race. The more Shurikens you have the faster you’ll go, and you can use them to unlock new Ninja and upgrades for your racer.

All Anime Racing Clicker Codes July 2023 :
(Left Side Is Codes & Right Side Is Rewards)

Denji⏩⏩⏩Free potions! (NEW CODE ADD 30 JULY 2023)

GetPunch⏩⏩⏩Free potions! (NEW CODE ADD 14 JULY 2023)

FairySphere⏩⏩⏩Free potions! (NEW CODE ADD 1 JULY 2023)

WizardKing⏩⏩⏩Free potions! (new code add June17, 2023)

UnagiyaShop⏩⏩⏩Free potions!(new code add June4, 2023)

TailsBeast⏩⏩⏩2x Shuriken Potions!

Visit80M⏩⏩⏩2x Super Luck Potions!

SAOFTW⏩⏩⏩Shuriken and Luck Potions!

DarkTitan⏩⏩⏩2x Free Shuriken Potion

LuckyTime⏩⏩⏩2x Free Luck Potion

DarkSea⏩⏩⏩Free XP Potion

DarkDragon⏩⏩⏩Free XP Potion

Hardcore⏩⏩⏩Free Luck Potion

Chainsaw⏩⏩⏩Free XP Potion

Doubledown⏩⏩⏩Free Shuriken Potion

FreePetPlease⏩⏩⏩Free Hero!

HeroLevelHype⏩⏩⏩Free 2x Hero XP Potion

VoidOP⏩⏩⏩Free Shuriken Potion

AmazingCommunity⏩⏩⏩2x Free Luck Potions

VisitGoal30M⏩⏩⏩Free Luck Potion

LikeGoal30k⏩⏩⏩Free spins

VisitGoal10M⏩⏩⏩Free 2x Shuriken Potion

LikeGoal10k⏩⏩⏩Free Luck Potion

LikeGoal5k⏩⏩⏩Free spins

Release⏩⏩⏩Free Ninja

LikeGoal500⏩⏩⏩Free Shuriken boost

SpinWheel⏩⏩⏩Free spins
Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to add them exactly as they appear above, with all capital letters, numbers, and punctuation.
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