Clicker Training Games: Advanced -

Clicker Training Games: Advanced

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Hey everybody, I’m Fanna Easter. Welcome to Dog Training Nation and I wanted to talk some more clicker games. Clicker games for people, and the whole goal is to actually improve your timing. I mean the sound of a click is just that fast. And we harp, as dog trainers, you need to have really good timing, really good timing. What is really good timing?

You always want to click as that behavior is happening. I’ve kind of came up with some games I’ve learned and actually been taught in the past in ways where you can actually use this video—as goofy as it seems—to help improve your timing.

One of them I really, really like—it’s funny how people start to learn to cheat, but I’ll talk about that–I thought was so clever you get a partner or friend and you’ll actually have them come by and you will click every time they click to touch you. Click, click, click. You have to really watch. You’ll catch yourself really, really watching. Usually what happens when we play this game taught in seminars there’s a whole lot of giggling and it’s fun and it’s entertaining. You really get to kind of see not only from your perspective, but from the dog’s perspective too.

Whoever your friend is make sure that you’re really nice and they start off nice and slow. So it’s click, click, etc. What you don’t want them to do is start to do this because that’s just mean. Click, click, etc. Doing these over the years, I’ve noticed that some people will cheat. No, never right.

What I see some people do is they’ll have someone touch their arm and they’ll just turn away and they’ll do this: click, click, etc. What they’re clicking is every time they feel it. Every time they feel the touch is when they’re clicking. But if you noticed, when I say click, my finger is already moving. So if you try to cheat, what you’re actually teaching that person is instead of touching, click, click, click, a finger coming down to touch, you’re actually teaching them to move their finger back. Click, click, etc.

Very small, very precise. If you’re super, super, super brave, you can go to a chicken camp. Yes, you can go to a camp and you can clicker train chickens. You will come home and you will hug your dog because you will realize how forgiving your dogs are and how easy it actually is because chickens are quick.

So practice this game. Practice it often. You can get a partner and practice this. Always practice at least 10-15 minutes before you’re going to do a clicker training session with your dog so that your level and your dog’s level of frustration is really low. And you will actually teach things a lot faster, the quicker and the more precise that your timing is. I hope that makes sense. I’m Fanna Easter. Thank you for visiting us at Dog Training Nation and I’ll see you around.

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