Clicker Heroes Guides - How to Efficiently Get Hero Souls (Early Game) -

Clicker Heroes Guides – How to Efficiently Get Hero Souls (Early Game)

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Hello. This game is called Clicker Heroes, in this video I will show you a quick guide/walkthrough on how hero souls work and the best way to rack them up when you’re just starting off. This is supposed to be a noob friendly video, for those who just started playing and have no idea what Hero Souls, Ancients, Glided Heroes, etc. are. So some people may already know this and won’t find it much helpful. So yeah, be sure to like and sub for more Clicker Heroes and gameplay. No cheats and hacking used.
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  1. What the fuck you made a video on clicker heroes? XD I play this game

  2. Just started two days ago and this was very helpful.

  3. i got grant and freaken frostleaf gilded, its broken as hell (not really, but its good)

  4. I made my first ascend before I saw this video. I only had 8000 hero upgrades though, but I got 3 primal bosses in a row after level 100, so I got 8 hero souls.

  5. im  leval   400  i  beat  the  boss  5 000  times   and  got  no  souls

  6. This video would be much better if you actually spoke.

  7. Also, not to advertise any third-party program or anything.
    But you should get an autoclicker or something, I was able to ascend in about 2 days from it.

  8. Ohhh this is clicker heroes xd sry i thought this was hero clickers my bad… This is a completley different game…..


  9. so…this game is just about clicking???

    i dont see  the fun

  10. ach, wenn das auch für den PC da ist schaue ich mal..hehe

  11. Is it normal for your first time fighting the level 100 boss you get a hero soul? I just got to level 100 today and the name was purple for the first spawn.

  12. Ascended 2 days ago in the morning, Already almost to level 100.

  13. People will just install an auto clicker program…

  14. Why are so many using Auto clickers? Stop cheating already. I got 200+ hero souls now and I have not used an auto clicker or anything. Took me about 10 days to get to this point.

  15. When do you consider it to be painfully slow? (like 5 minutes to kill 1 normal monster?

    I ascended once at 140 and got 10 HS, when should I do my next ascension?

  16. Tired of grinding this game? do you just want to get stupid high in zones? then this code is for you! This will get you stupid long in zones just copy the code from the google doc and  paste it into the "import" option in the game
     h t t p://adf(dot)nly/1LA5pE
    Just remove the space and at the dot just type a .

  17. You explained how to get them not how to farm the quickly

  18. Still a good Vid for beginners keep up the good work. 😀

  19. This is meant for folks that don't mind getting an auto clicker or making a macro:

    I switched from the idle build to the active build and i've found it so much more satisfying than the idle build. i'm ascending and breaking my HZE faster than ever and getting more souls than i ever did in idle. again, if you don't mind getting an auto clicker or making a macro like i did, go with active play. i spent an hour or two playing and i got 11x the hero souls i did from idle. (20 -> 220).

  20. How do i get past the level 150 barrier? I have over 100 hero souls and i can't get past level 150.

  21. I've found some epic relics that says: "+2 after ascencion"… Anyone knows what is this reference for? + 2 what? HS?

  22. Thanks, i use to just keep ascending non stop

  23. I am a very stupid person and this videos helped a hell of alot! Thanks!!

  24. I'm at lv 130, my frostleaf is only lv. 1

  25. i new most of that but you said each on e increas spent all mine as soon as i got dem damb i was wondering why you still had those on hand

  26. quick question, when i exit my game and the mode is in farm, when im offline the games turn into progression mode and when i log back online, it turns back to farm mode. How do i fix this? Because I want to farm bosses but it wont let me(im on ios but idk if that makes a difference)

  27. i'm only at level 909 and upgrades are already "painfully slow"… grrr

  28. . . . No offence but im on level 1804 And I Have 8.878e135 Money

  29. 2:18 Note that “Ramicorn” Boss? They used to appear but don’t anymore. Oversized Ratty replaced him in Zone 45 and every 110 zones after that

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