Clicker Heroes - Advanced Gilding Guide For Mid/Late Game -

Clicker Heroes – Advanced Gilding Guide For Mid/Late Game

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Hey everyone, this is my series of Clicker Heroes videos. Today we talk about advanced gilding tactics for the mid to late game, like what heroes to gild, and when to move them, etc. Watch the vid to find out more, hopefully you found it helpful. I have other guides/walkthroughs/gameplay of Clicker Heroes, just go and check the playlist out.


  1. I think this guide is a little outdated, could you make a new vid on most recent release??

  2. swaggy first comment and its not snowing and could you show us stuf

  3. wtf bob, u dont gild dread knight. You guild Samurai and switch directly to Atlas. 

    Also I am still not convinced of the 1550 thing even though people on reddit say it. I am quite sure that if I can get 1 x10 buff more from the previous ranger, it is better to have that one gilded. I had my gilds on Atlas and moved to Tera and ended up getting less far with that, so I switched back to Atlas. I can get Atlas to lvl 2000 with idling and 3000 with Juggernaut combo, I cant do that with Tera, so that is why Atlas works better for me.

  4. im pretty curious whats your current whole ancient build, not that i need any advice (i am further), but i am goddamn curious^^

  5. You do not gild DK. He has a shit cost to dps ratio.

  6. So at what point so I move all my guilds to The Masked Samurai? I can hit level 700 quiet easily and have 8k hero souls stacked.

  7. Regilding feels like switching a high rpm engine with low torque for a diesel engine with low rpm and extremly high torque :D. Do you also feel like that ?

  8. The masked samari
    (Sorry @Arntor7) I just think it's hilarious

  9. Uh, pretty sure you move gilds from Samurai to Atlas when you can get Samurai to 2500 consistently, not 4000.

  10. when should i move my guilds from atlas to phthalo

  11. alright so after i move my guilds from masked samurai to atlas, then so on and such, after i ascend do i move my guilds back to masked samurai?

  12. Thanks for the video man, it really helped!

  13. I love your videos and speak and spell voice :). I have a few questions though. You say to get them to 1500 then move on but you just jacked yours up to 3-4K. Also, I assume that we will be ascending over and over while moving through the last 5 or 6 heroes? I bought about 200 extra guilded heroes and have my atlas doing about 1.75 mil damage and can still only get to about level 1700 then it slows to a clicker game from an idle game. Well now it is 1500 cause I just spent my 2 mil HS so I will have to build them back up. I have 400 guiled heroes on atlas, oh and I am playing on the xbox one. Should I move a few hundred into the next guy and so on? Thankyou for any input from you and the community. I know I should be killing this game with how much I spent on rubys.

  14. I have 1.75 million damage going for guilded atlas so I don't get why I can not ever pass level 2100. Even clicking and using all the powers and farting around all day. I own every ancient and have all the ancient maxed that can be maxed. and I have the others jacked up pretty good. I have ascended over 200 times and had about 2.5 mil HS and still my highest level reached is only about 2130.

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