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  1. I got really into cookie clicker before. Even had browser scripts for it.

  2. i literally got addicted to cookie clicker. literally couldn't go an HOUR without it.

  3. Hold it and it becomes a w****game

  4. *Vietnam flashbacks to spending over $100 on that stupid mobile game*

  5. The funniest part of this whole thing is that he's playing it on a psp

  6. This is now relevant with how everyone reacted to tiktok

  7. That moment when you know exactly what game he’s playing.

  8. Me who knows how to access the code to cookie clicker and made infinite clicks: pathetic mortal

  9. Bf do bevg. Gang b fab r. G g. For. Bar rib. Btb

  10. You ever played CERN Clicker? Heck yea CP Violation!

  11. my monkey brain is simple, number goes up a lot and I seem really good, I like the growing number

  12. I had Egg Inc. open on my phone when I clicked this.


  13. I played Street Fighter using a computer keyboard for moves. Lots of clicking

  14. if you are reading this, there is some game called idle slayer, its a pretty unique idle game which is very fun, been playing for about 5 months now

  15. Hay I know me and my friends had a competition with it until one of them hacked it

  16. Cookie clicker is the best clicker game no one can say otherwise

  17. I don't know how I should feel about the fact that I recognized what game it was by the music, before he even mentioned anything to do with eggs. Help.

  18. Fin fact: im ranked #3 in the world for egg inc

  19. As a player of Anime Fighting Simulator, I can relate

  20. Everyone: clicking, me: downloads and uses Auto clicker

  21. Thank GOD I’m not the only one that got addicted to Egg Inc.

  22. Im…. I….. i was playing cookie clicker while going through the skits playlist……

  23. me watching this with adventure capitalist running in the background

  24. i fricking hating these games, if you want a good one button game, just play geometry dash

  25. I feel bad for recognizing the game in a second

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