Clicker Games Try To Steal Your Money -

Clicker Games Try To Steal Your Money

I Am Ra
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  1. I don't like the title in combination with the Cookie Clicker thumbnail too much, but I appreciate redeeming it when that part of the video comes. Let's just call it successful clickbait. As a Cookie Clicker addict, it's the only popular idle game in my experience that's literally just a time sink. It's just the passion project of some french dude and his friend. Really makes the point of MTX in other idle games super questionable. What are you even buying? Imaginary numbers that are slightly bigger than your friends' imaginary numbers? Major brain damage moment

  2. I would easily get addicted to games like this but I might have gotten addicted to a different cookie related game 😅

  3. So underated channel man you deserve at least 500k subs keep up the great work

  4. Road to 1 kilosubscriber. Let's go.

  5. if i didnt know i would think you had hundreds of thousands of subs lmao these vide are gold

  6. i think i just found my new fav content creator..

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