Clicker Games (FML Edition) -

Clicker Games (FML Edition)

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Today I show you how to play clicker games, a popular game genre, by depicting the rewarding stimulus that these games exert on our minds.
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  1. The ending screen is actually pretty accurate

  2. "It's probably my son having a go with his little pecker again. Noice!"

  3. You sound like every other YouTube gamer channel.

  4. That last song sounds so familiar, I know its from an anime.

  5. your accent when you speak English is unbearable!!!

  6. Been playing Clicker Heros on my phone for nearly a year now, rough calculations predict I'll unlock the last achievement in aprox. 10 years time. gg

  7. That ending song tho lmao, reset back at zero.

  8. I really like how you say "Nice!" near the end. Makes me laugh. Keep doing videos <3

  9. That Re: Zero ED. hnnnng. music to my ears.

  10. lmao i found this in my recommended so funny subbed.

  11. shout out to having ultimate Frisbee on TV

  12. 21 clicks a second?? What kind of crack are you on?

  13. Since the video is misleading about Clicker Heroes, I have to say something. Ascending gives you hero souls depending on how leveled your heroes are, hero souls gives 10% more dps for all heroes. You don't even need to click once you have a bunch of hero souls. Because this moron is deliberately trying to mislead people, he has 0 hero souls and hasn't leveled his heroes enough to gain many, for the purpose of misleading. Because who in their right mind uses a skill without reading what it does first? It says "gives 1 hero soul", You would then go on to read what a hero soul, but lets just use it right?

    P.S. The video is shit and a waste of time to watch, like a youtube poop video but not entertaining. Not even a decent review of a game, so what is it other than trash.

  14. This feels a lot like a Killian Experience video.

  15. I watch all these videos because it interests me how unfunny they are

  16. What's that song at the end? I have to know.

  17. Jesus you're so good at this shit, please make more videos.

  18. I swear clicker heros is good Duckie Duckie u

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