Clicker Game - Visual C# Programming Guide 2019 - Episode 2 -

Clicker Game – Visual C# Programming Guide 2019 – Episode 2

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Within this episode, we create a clicker game, that gives the player a certain amount of time to click the two buttons as much as they can. This series is dedicated to teaching Visual C# programming and techniques.


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  1. Thank your for helping me starting the clicker game I'm trying to make for myself and for no one else. It'll be like my own dungeon but no one will suffer but my mouse.

  2. How to make auto click diablo 2 minimalize window?

  3. Just saying there is an easier way of doing this. But, say one wanted to make this into a game? Where you can purchase things if you have enough clicks (points)? I know it would have to be If the Value is enough then you subtract whatever the purchase value is from the current amount of points but how do you keep the points going after you’ve purchased something? I made a concept but every time I purchase something it’ll subtract the points which is good but once I click it again, the points go right back to the current +1

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