Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 6 -

Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 6

Simon Something
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Mini part again. This time showing a second way on how you can display if you can afford the item or not.

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Next tutorial will cover adding suffixes so that 1000 gold will show up as 1.000k gold and 1000000 gold will show up as 1.000m gold and so on.

Thanks for watching, cya again soon!


  1. So, i tried to do the same process to the "ItemManager" script. I followed all the instructions for the first button but that annoying error was despising me (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object). The problem was because i did the process for only one button and i had 2 buttons assigned to the "ItemManager" script. After doing the same process to the second button the error disappeared.

  2. This series is actualy really good. You should make a Title System. eg If you have earned 50k gold overall your title is "Advanced Miner" Etc.

  3. Hey ! Thanks for your tutorials :p It will be really nice if you show us how to save the game ? If we want to put our game on the internet, it's bad when it's doesn't save and you need to begin again and again ! 

  4. Hi
    for the next time you can also show how to make upgrade that unlock stuff like a new sort of ore for example ? Ex : i buy a golden pickaxe which give me the right to mine silver ! And then you have two ores to mine. It's pretty good to have a plurality to buy upgrade imo (100 golds + 50 silver) 
    keep it up 🙂

  5. G'day, can you please show us how to do idle time, meaning get the game to save the data and give gold depending on how much time has passed since last played, this would be excellent,also how to do random gold powerups thanks, awesome tutorials.

  6. here i am again, this time i have a different problem. when i type private Slider _Slider; it goes to private SliderJoin2d, and there is no Slider in the list to choose from. i've googled and i think this is a problem with monodevelop. because it's not like i had to have created Slider before making a _slider or whatever name. 

  7. oh well. i've done all you explained but when the slider fill itself, i cant click on the button. and if i change the position of the slider, and put it before of text, when it get to 100% the color didnt change at all.
    Also i noticed you never clicked on the higlithed button with sliders, so i'm not sure if you even noticed that kind of problem XD

  8. @ZachAttack 9280 
    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using UnityEngine.UI;

  9. You have to put the "Slider" component above the text component of the button, otherwise you won't be able to click the button.

  10. ok so i have a problem… i tried to do the same with the left hand side bouttons and i have had no luck maybe some can help, i have written everything the same but in my auto script instead, i need to know if 1. i am writing in the right script and to if the script is right, i have followed all the tuts and everything works well including the fixed to 0 to 999 bug for suffixs, i just can't get this little thing to work

    it won't let me c/p into the comment box but the ItemManager and Upgrade manager has all the original text plus what has been introduced in this tut can anyone help?

  11. hey these tutorials are really awesome!! But why did u stop? :O

  12. how do you make it show how many of a certain item you have, like example
    1st item (1) then 1st item(10) and so on

  13. I am having issues with the slider myself. Code matches to your examples but the slider does not work. and I get an error: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    UpgradeManager.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/UpgradeManager.cs:36)

  14. The math behind the "_slider.value = / cost * 100" is how you convert a percentage from a decimal into a whole number.

    For example, think of a school test where you score 50 out of 100. In order to get the percentage, you divide the score ( by the max score (cost). (50/100 = 0.5). Then multiply by 100 (0.5 * 100 = 50). Since the slider only works with whole numbers, the .5 would otherwise effectively equate to half of 1%.

    Alternatively, you could also do (score*100)/max score. (50 * 100)/ 100 = 5000/100 = 50

  15. I'm having a problem, the first slider I created works fine!
    But my slider I copied and pasted and changed the fill color of does nothing? @__@

  16. I have a question for something not talked about in all 7 videos of the tutorial, if anyone who knows how to answer.

    Okay so I want my items to have the scroll bar, but I want it so that once the button has become clickable and gets clicked on, that the button color changes, AND is no longer a scroll bar or clickable button anymore.
    Anyone know what you do to do that?

  17. How to make so those per second gold stops after some time let say for example U buy Some item and it giving you 10 gold/s and then stops after 5 min

  18. I have a problem. When I add a slider to the button and make the video 100% accurately and I test it . I can´t click on the button when I have amout of money required. How I fix it?

  19. Thank you so much for these tutorials! It helps greatly with my school project. ♥

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