Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 5 -

Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 5

Simon Something
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Hello again! A short part this time, covering a request I got on how to change to color of the buttons to show that you can afford items/upgrades.

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  1. Amazing video as always but could you pls stop skipping any changes you've done to these tutorial scripts like you did here with UpgradeManager with ( " (" + count + ")" + "nCost: " + cost + "nPower: +" + clickPower;) and (Mathf.RoundToInt (baseCost * Mathf.Pow (1.15f, count)); ) it was hard to find out what you've changed because you did not rlly show the changes.

  2. Haha I didn't even noticed when you posted the 4th one! But you really make them quickly, thanks a lot for these! Someone mentioned before having some sort of particles come out of the button when you press it? Just to learn a bit.

  3. Wow thanks so much! That was very quick! Again, thanks so much for making these tutorials, I hope you continue to build upon this game or perhaps teach us on how to make another one!

  4. I know that this video is pretty old but just incase you didn't already know, you could've merely disabled and enabled the button and changed the disabled button color to what you want.

    Button button = GetComponent<Button>();
    button.interactive = false;

    Don't forget to add "using UnityEngine.UI" at the top of the script

  5. For me once the buttons reached the affordable color, after I click them, my button disappears xD;

  6. I know this is a old video, but I get 2 errors:

    First one:
    rc.right == m_GfxWindow->GetWidth() && rc.bottom == m_GfxWindow->GetHeight()

    Second one:

    I hope you read this and help me solve the problem!

  7. Can you email me this or something? That'd be much appriciated as I need something like this for a school project 🙂

  8. Help me, i have an error ,i duplicated the goldpersecond button.. but, only the 2 first buttoms works.. and the other one only take off your money but doesnt work why?

  9. Mhh, I've been trying to figure out was is causing the problem, but I'm using a sprite for my button. The moment I start the game the buttons kinda disappear. The only thing that is displaying is the Text of the button.

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