Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 3 -

Clicker Game Tutorial Unity C#, Part 3

Simon Something
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Hello again! Third part already and even though we only spent about an hour I think we got a half decent game in the works!

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add a custom font, a nice background that scales with the games window size, and we’ll add a scrollable panel so you can fit a huge amount of upgrades in it!

You can get a custom font right here:

Or download mine, including my background images, here:

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Thanks for watching, bye!

I had one user contact me about a blog he wrote on balancing incremental games, I’m not that interested in the actual math, but if you want to read about it check this out:


  1. i wish to open the scroll panel with a button. having multiple buttons, each opening a scrol panel with upgrades like GPC or GPS. but if i do that. how do i make it so that the current panel closes when i open the other?

  2. Nice! Was hoping for a bit more on what more you can do with your game, since a lot of peoples problem (including my own) is creativity, not so much as the programming itsellf. Keep it up, imo!

  3. good tutorials 🙂

    please keep them comming! I think a lot of people need this 🙂 including me :p

    is it possible that I see some Quill18 stuff in here aswell? :p

  4. Nice one! Maybe you should try for a more complex game so you can add more complex stuff, maybe with interactive elements? You know, stuff moving automatically around the screen, that would be interesting to see. You showed us how to make a timed event (getting money every second), but I want to know how we could do that with moving images (moving smoothly).

  5. Love this tut! One question, though: could you do menus? As in stats, options, or something like that.

  6. Sorry to bother you again, but here i have some problem. I created the empty item background inside Canvas, i stretched it. I created the UI image…but then when i drag the sky image into the Source Image…it just doesnt fit. Where i could be wrong?

  7. man at this point, i'm not even here for the tutorial (which is great by the way) just here for those moments like when you were playing with the panels and just went, "actually fuck it." i laughed because i was just doing the exact same thing at the time.

    "I'm not sure what i was going to show you in the next video but i'm sure it'll be great"

  8. Why did you stop to do new video tutorials ?
    your videos very easy and pleasant 🙂

  9. I have issues with Gold per sec buttons. first Item, second Item(at the right) are everything ok! but when I duplicate them (third item, fourth item) it doesn't work at all. I don't know why. left things are ok

  10. You have 666 subscribers.
    Just pointing that out.

  11. When I do the scroll, I want my scroll section to be stuck at the bottom of my game, but is the items are still scrollable vertically, if that makes sense?
    Your example scrolls my items across my entire app.

    Also, how can I disable it from being click and drag able , the whole scrolling area around with my mouse, and I don't want that. xD

  12. If you can not add image,insted UI>Image put UI>Raw Image

  13. I ve watched this video 3 times and I seem to keep missing it. At the start of the video your Items are just like the previous videos. then you change your fonts and add slide bar, and at the end of the video your Items have counting number of how many times you ve bought an item (0) – only visible when you press play. did you cut this part of the video?

  14. Eventually i plan on using some of the elements in your tutorial to make a semi-idle tower defence game, but more of a caravan style, if you could possibly make a pathing tutorial that would be awesome, or even basic graphics creation.

  15. Hey there! First want to thank you for great tutorials!
    I have a question: is it possible, to make Scroll panel to visible only inside Left Panel? I mean, when you scroll down, upgrades are getting higher and leaving game boundaries. Asking because i want to make 1 pannel on bottom(and actually made) but my upgrades gets over items when i scroll. Thank you!

  16. If you can't drag image to image source. Change texture type on image by pressing on it and select (2d and UI).
    (bad english)

  17. I love you. Have learn so much more and so easy to understand. Even though I have down syndrome

  18. nice tutorial here. nice explanation .thanks a lott

  19. yo why do I find it so fucking funny when this dude randomly curses lol

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