Clicker game - Translating Visual Scripting to GDScript - Part 5 -

Clicker game – Translating Visual Scripting to GDScript – Part 5

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A lot of people are scared of going into typing in a text editor, so I decided to create a tutorial on how to use Godot’s Visual Scripting to create a clicker game. This time we are moving away from Visual Scripting and we continue working with GDScript

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Godot version used: 3.1.1 Stable.

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  1. You can use global variable or singletons(autoload). Its easier, to use itYou need to make a script file u can name it "" , Then add your variable in there for example "var test = 0".To make it global you need to go in your project settings –> autoload tab –> add your gd file and check the box on right of it. For the name u can do it "global" or simply "g".To access the variable in another script simply type "global.test" or "g.test", which ever you used.

  2. Buen video, si puede, me gustaría que nos enseñe cómo crear una calculadora simple con funciones de suma, resta, multiplicación y división.

    Es para un nuevo proyecto que estoy creando y estoy bloqueado.

  3. Hi love your content Tutorials for Godot

  4. Love this series. Was there another video made on updating fonts and button styles?
    This is my very very first intro to game development and the entire tutorial was really easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you very much for this series of video. Very helpful to discover how this game engine generally works.

  6. Hi, for some reason my clicks are not auto clicking whenever I click the auto clicker. I've rechecked everything according to the video multiple times but still can't seem to find what I'm missing. If it's not too much trouble, could you have a look at my code:

    extends Control

    var amount = 0
    var increment = 2
    export var price = 5
    #ups is units per second
    export var ups = 1

    var main_node

    func _ready():
    main_node = get_tree().get_root().get_node("Main")

    func _on_AutoClickButton_pressed():
    if main_node.count >= price:
    main_node.count -= price
    amount += 1
    $Label.text = str(amount)
    price = (amount * increment) * price

    func _on_Timer_timeout():
    main_node.count += amount * ups

    func _process(delta):
    if main_node.count >= price:
    $AutoClickButton.disabled = false
    $AutoClickButton.disabled = true
    $Price.text = 'Price ' + str(price)
    $Value.text = str(ups)

  7. Can you do a idle game project in gdscript step by step?

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