Clicker Game Effect - GameMaker Studio 2 -

Clicker Game Effect – GameMaker Studio 2

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Here’s a much needed little GameMaker Studio 2 effect for the next clicker game you create.

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Happy Coding 😀


  1. Great video! Also, I was wondering how I could make the button disappear once it is clicked?

  2. What if the button moves at the first click?

  3. Hey, I followed the tutorial and I kept getting the same error. This is the error here,draw_set_colour(x,y, "+1", c_green, c_green, c_green, c_green, alpha);it tells me that the arguments expected are 1, but I used 8. Help?

  4. Hello How to make pause menu with mouse I watched your old video but I don't understand because I'm Turkish(CAN YOU SHOW ON THE SAME PROJECT) please

  5. I can't find a signal video that shows how to not only store, and round the big numbers to show say, 1000 will display as 1A and 100000 would be say 1B.

    I made a system for this but it's not scalable.

  6. Who else watches all GMS2 tutorials to get their keyboard key press sound high?

    I put these on when I code and I learn something useful Everytime!

  7. Actually no errors, I just don't know how to control with the mouse

    I threw the file, would you make it suitable for the mouse

  8. ayo question, can you make a tutorial on how to add upgrades? Helpers, x2 score, ect

  9. 6:15
    if (alpha <= 0 || y <= -10=) // i get an unexpected unary operator, can u help ?

  10. when you program can you make your font size bigger its very hard to follow when the font size is so small

  11. how do i make it so the animation plays when clicking it

  12. My game is glitched so when i hold down click its like i have an auto clicker, know how to fix it?

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