Clicker game - Dynamic prices and separating scenes - Part 3 -

Clicker game – Dynamic prices and separating scenes – Part 3

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A lot of people are scared of going into typing in a text editor, so I decided to create a tutorial on how to use Godot’s Visual Scripting to create a clicker game.

Godot version used: 3.1.1 Stable.

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  1. Hi Emilio! I started with GDscript and wanted to explore this visual scripting thing so I started with this tutorial. I have to say this: guys, gdscript is easy compared with this spaghetti code. Thank you Emilio for these, I'll continue the series but I'll stick to gdscript after. I love your teaching style don't change anything about yourself, you rock!

  2. I really love this tutorial! if it posible to do the same Tutorial (or just the basics of clicker game) with GDscript language?

  3. Can you make a tutorial about 2d strategy game in Godot ?

  4. A problem. I can't copy anything in visual script. Duplication works, but copy-paste doesn't. Help :<

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