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CLICK to ADDICTION | Clicker Heroes

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WELCOME TO MY GREATEST SHAME! You guys got me addicted to this game and it’s ruining my life… OH WELL MORE CLICKS!!
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  1. Lol I’ve been playing this game for 2days and I have as much hero souls as him

  2. Started playing when this vid came out, still playing…

  3. xD I started playing in 2015 off of the computer, I became a legend because I had gotten to level 1000 throughout the year, and that was only playing it in the morning haha. For only 20min tops

  4. I wanna know if he's still playing today and if he played this game alot in corona times

    Who's STILL playing this game? 😮

  6. I wonder if he’s come back to the game during quarantine…

  7. Man I still play this in 2020 and I played it will watching him at school

  8. Me playing this on coolmathgames while in school…

  9. I'm pretty if you spend enough money into it, you'll be in a very high level in a couple mins

  10. i left this game running a few years back for like maybe 5-6 months ? probably more. my biggest regret is that my computer died a few months back so i had to get a new one. all of that progress. g o n e. basically my only life achievement so far.

  11. Mark DONT download it me 5 minuets later WHY didn’t I listen to him

  12. Oh god, I miss his old hair style. ;-; I miss it when he use to dye his hair , why doesn't not do that anymore? And not cause of 2020… I mean in general.

  13. In 2020 the concept of staying in, avoiding social interaction, and ordering delivery Chipotle while playing terrible mobile games isn't a concept anymore

  14. Help I playing the game I should have listoned

  15. 13:57 i just love how he promote his clan with no shame XD …. its simply delightfull

  16. he thinks % means nothing wait till he finds the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's
    (and dont get me started on transcendence)

  17. Does he sing every time he restarts the game

  18. This would’ve been the funniest sponsorship XD

  19. After a year of ocassionally playing this game, I now know how really long it took Mark to get here. A VERY LONG TIME.

    (I’m not even at the level he’s at yet, and I have thousands of hours in my game)

  20. Rip fools that wasted money on this duuduu…
    I've made it to like… level 14000+… It feels the exact same as when you ascend for the 7th time… absolutely no progress…
    This is pretty much a game to click on a few times to make loading screens feel faster on a real game.

  21. My man going for an active build on mobile lmfao

  22. Is he even still addicted in 2021 or did he leave like 3 years ago lmao

  23. How to quit clicker heroes:
    Step 1: try to quit
    Step 2: fail
    Step 3: realise the games boring as fuck
    Step 4: quit

  24. This game isn’t even that good 😂

  25. My highest Ascension I'm on Level 234 with 307 hero souls.

    My highest Transcensions level is 304 with 767 hero souls & 8 ascensions.

  26. This game is my childhood, it will always be my childhood
    I hope he plays again. . .

  27. he said hes far at lvl 500 and i look at mine at almost 2k… oh no

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