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Brian Fleischman
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  1. I am having trouble getting my score to increase by one each time I click

  2. I copied everything you did but it didnt work. I had an error message there is no variable clickcount ?

  3. Hi, this is my first year of ap computer science principals but I’m confused on how to code. The teacher we have is new and isn’t really good at explaining. I need help 😅

  4. How to get clickcounts on multiple buttons? I’m getting accumulated result instead of each button’s individual clickcounts

  5. I want to add a timer on my app game on multiple screens. How do I do that so the game will be over in 2 minutes

  6. I created my own clicking game but im not sure how i can add an algorithm to it. Any ideas for if statement

  7. What is wrong with my code?
    var nrcheck =0 ;
    onEvent(getChecked("iha1"), "click", function(event) {
    nrcheck = nrcheck +10;
    setText("text_area1", nrcheck);

    The text area will always be 0, I have 10 checkboxes and I want to calculate somehow the percentage of the checkboxes checked. For the rest of the ckeckboxes shall I repeat the same code?

  8. Mine didn’t show the number! Help!

  9. How do you make it so that when you have multiple buttons they all go to a random location when you click one

  10. i followed the code exactly but when i run the code and i click the button after the 10 seconds my click count says 0 and idk why its saying that help ASAP

  11. Hmm. Does this mean if you click with your finger on moblie it will work?

  12. Hey man I want to add a you won a you lost screen, how do i make it if i get a certain score it goes to the you lost screen and if i get a certain score it goes to the you won screen?

  13. How do I make my button move around 😭😭 helpp plss

  14. I’m trying to make a project similar to this but the target moves around the screen and the player gets to choose their time limit ( it’s is supposed to be like a click accuracy test but i need help)…. can you help me with that?

  15. is there a way to put the timer on the screen so the user knows how much time they have left?

  16. hey sir Im currently doing the project but it won't work, I did the exact same thing as you did but it still won't work
    im also new to

  17. Sir is there a way to download the app studio code, so we can do it offline

  18. i wan't a button saying "let's try again!" and if you click it, it will reset the game how do i do that!!!????

  19. hello Mr. Fleischman currently I'm work on a small gaming project and i was just wondering is there a way i can track score in the Gaming page WHILE also use a string and shows the" updated" score at another page(result page)? the issue im facing is that when i creat Var=score score =0 and on event click "Fish" score =score +1 to updated LIVE score while user is playing the game however at the ending page if i create a string saying var text= "goodjob your score is" + score. the score doesn't show the updated score and it only shows ZERO. how would you fix this thank you

  20. when, I need the score, It is like: clickCount

  21. love the video this worked perfectly for me but i wont to add it to my game and it doesnt work when i implement a back button for example you can play the game once and when u press playagain the game wont start i just wanted to know if theres anyway to fix this issue

  22. when I did the last piece of code the timer does not start when you start clicking it starts when you get to that page and I tryed your last bit of code it would say nan or 0 in the text box

  23. Thanks !!

    it helped me a lot with my pro games project it is the 2 best game on pro games.

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