Chopping EVERYTHING in Tap Tap Axe Clicker! -

Chopping EVERYTHING in Tap Tap Axe Clicker!

Ryan Phillips
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Chopping EVERYTHING in Tap Tap Axe Clicker!

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Today we’re playing Axe Clicker! Axe Clicker is a great clicker game where you get stronger by breaking everything. Axe Clicker is similar to Tap Tap Breaking but you’re chopping everything down instead. If you want to see more Axe Clicker or other clicker games let me know down below!


  1. tweity watch the ads u get so much money

  2. Hi apparently 3 people are first but two are the imposters

  3. Ryan please bring back food fighter clicker

  4. Cool video.. Also I actually watched the whole video before saying something before knowing what it’s about.

  5. Don't get me wrong… I love your channel, but I would also appreciate, if you finished a game before starting a new one… (I think) you have more than 5 unfinished games now. It makes this whole thing unsadasfying seeing you play the games to like 50 or something %and then not finishing it… I mean, I'll still watch ya vids and support you, 'cause you're the best and nicest and most sympatic YouTuber I know (and I know many). Idea: Do a livestream where you finish some (2 or 3) unfinished games

  6. I like this game after 20 sec of watching sheeesh

  7. 32 comment 1657 view and 184 like yay

  8. hey, Tewtiy can you play Minecraft Dungeons again I liked the series. 🙂

  9. Does any of you like the seven deadly sins

  10. Petition for him to become an actor or actually a narrator

  11. Hi Tewtiy i think you are fine . I just want to ask if you would like to play Too War Battle Game . It's like a waiting game when you are big level but I think it's very fun . Just have a look and if you like it i would appreciate to play that . I live your content and your clicker games 🤜🤛.

  12. I got an add about saving trees when I'm watch a video about a lumberjack 🤣😂

  13. Uhhhhm. I. Have. Broken. A. Game. It's. That. Game. But. Moble

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