Cat Evolution - Clicker Game for iPhone and Android -

Cat Evolution – Clicker Game for iPhone and Android

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If you’re a cat person, we’ve got the PURR-fect game for you. Ok, maybe not, but we swear you’ll be a-MEOW-sed with this new PAW-some addition to your CAT-alogue. Well, if that’s not PURR-suasive enough, we don’t know what HISS. Just KITTEN!

The most acclaimed animal on the Internet finally gained its own Evolution game. From the creators of the renowned Evolution series, comes the fluffiest of them all. CAT EVOLUTION! Combine cats to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!

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  1. Is it bad that I want to play the music of this game on my piano? 😂

  2. Awww ye I already downloaded it before this video but still new evolution game yay!XD

  3. Hey guys can you make a tower defendse game about knights?. please. PLEASEE!

  4. Once I go on the app it loads then turns black and goes
    Off the app!

  5. Cows, platypuses, goats, giraffes, zebras, chickens, octopuses, sharks and then cats. WHAT'S NEXT???

  6. serio mano eu gostei dessa versão

  7. hi I love your games can u please make a sloth evolution pleaseeee

  8. HEY!(excitingly)about da dino quest. could u pls poot da quetzelcoatlus & da edmontosaurus at america

  9. also dromaeosaurus at america and tapps games u should seperate North A. & South A. for more space

  10. also brachiosaurus,
    t rex,triceratops,
    pteranodon,diplodocus and ankylosaurus

  11. probably in South A. poot abelisaurus, argentinosaurus,
    giganotosaurus and saltosaurus

  12. also for Asia poot alioramus,gallimimus,
    fukuiraptor & deinocheirus

  13. if u do dat. it will be great or fantastic

  14. There is just too many of these games. It would be better for my opinion to put all these in one game as different levels of some sort and update it with new types of evolutions.

  15. Plz ! I want to create a clicker game like this. How to create a clicker game please ? (Sorry for my bas english, I am french)

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