Cash, Inc. Christmas Edition | Money Clicker Game Trailer | Free game for Android & iPhone -

Cash, Inc. Christmas Edition | Money Clicker Game Trailer | Free game for Android & iPhone

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Christmas is here and people at Cash, Inc. are ready to have some fun in this snowy, winter paradise commercial tower we call home!

We all know that Santa Claus will only visit those who are “nice” enough to get on his nice list. So be nice, finish all the tasks available, and get him to your tower at once! He comes with the greatest gift of all for all who loves clicker gaming: Permanent Multipliers!

So come on, play one of the best idle games 2017, Cash, Inc. A business simulator money clicker game about fame and fortune and be a tycoon boss today!

Start from the bottom and end up high! Pile up money, partner with superstars, and be the richest, most famous tycoon boss in this free money clicker game!

With an amusing click gameplay and a simple theme: a game about rich, it is easy to be addicted with this money clicker game, free for iOS and Android.

Cash, Inc. Game Description:
Life isn’t always about building your own fortune, boss; it’s about the adventure to fame! In Cash, Inc., you can be the most popular business tycoon in the world, build your gold empire, and become the business titan where superstars will fight over your favor to be your business partner in this idle clicker game.


• Live like a business tycoon boss – Build and manage profitable businesses. Start with your first dollar, and grow it into a million and billions of dollars, or more, it’s all about MONEY in this fun clicker game Android & iPhone!
Led a lazy, yet productive life as a business titan by letting everyone takes care of you (and your business!). Have a passive income as you can be rich without actually being there!

Start slow but sure with only one business, aim to be the business titan, build your megapolis, and become the most famous business tycoon boss!
Fortune begets fame, and vice versa! Don’t be afraid to become a crazy businessperson, you are your own midas, turn every opportunity into gold. Sell all your profitable business to win public’s sympathy and be even famous! Be the people’s hero!

Brag about your riches to your fellow tycoon on social media!

Start your own business adventure and live the way of fame & fortune as a tycoon boss!

Download Cash, Inc. today and start your business empire!
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