Case Clicker | unlocking and Trying the Jackpot (Clicker Game) -

Case Clicker | unlocking and Trying the Jackpot (Clicker Game)

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In this video I’m playing the clicking game Case Clicker, and I’m buying and trying the Jackpot system for the first time.

The Jackpot system cost $1000 to unlock and it allow you to gamble your existing skins to win something (I haven’t won anything yet)


  1. if i use case clicker do the skins go into my steam account?

  2. @ +BeTa Secred I don't have any tips on getting money fast, I do feel that at the start of the game, you "should" focus on progression and getting upgrades for more money per tap, but besides that it is actually a really challenging game to earn money in. My method is to focus on money and stay on a "combo streak" for a very long time, and then farm the cases at another time. As you unlock and buy new upgrades, you can reach the 10X multiplier "relatively" fast – but in the early game it takes forever just to get the 5X combo multiplier. You do earn nice bucks from completing missions, so perhaps an early focus on getting the cheap stickers and souvenirs will give you a head-start!

  3. How to do you change it to make the jackpots lower priced items?

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  5. My stuff was worth 3.000.00 and I lost it all

  6. Now it says buy with real money 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. is this like legit ? will it go to ur steam acc??

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