Case Clicker | How to cheat in clicker games -

Case Clicker | How to cheat in clicker games

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This video is pretty much a guide or tutorial with details step-by-step instructions about how you can cheat in almost any clicking game available, shown with Case Clicker as a demonstration.

This video show you how to get the free tools you need in order to emulate and automate the Case Clicker gameplay. You emulate the game with BlueStacks and automate it with a macro program or feature.

I could really write a small paper on this subject, but I’m guessing very few that end up checking out this movie would be interested in reading it;)


  1. Does PTFB Pro work with BlueStacks2? I have both installed but PTFB is not recognising my mouse clicks when I set the Macro to new window?

  2. are you playing case clicker on pc? if you are can you leave me a link so i can play it

  3. haha i just lost a jackpot to u loke hansen

  4. Just get a gaming mouse. They have macro you can toggle on and off. Example: Logitech mouse G600. Just program one of the buttons. Click it once. Does all that shit for you. You can even control how fast the click is. No other software needed.

  5. Trading a souvenir dragon lore for a M9 Bayonet Crimsom Web FN
    the dlore is FT

  6. Hey Loke jeg har en mac og makro programet virker ikke har du en anden mulighed?

  7. Hey my pc is having issues trying to get case clicker on bluestacks!! it has an error but it has like 5gb space left and idk what to do?

  8. Lets Trade!!! NetHub = IcyEarth849

  9. Why is he acting like auto clicking is an art lol it's freaking child's play

  10. Remove the gif of that really ugly dude in the bottom left corner

  11. Nice du er min bro 😀 xD Jeg er slev dansker. xD

  12. Can someoen trade me something? My id: DeadKnife827

  13. Why does every video include him flipping something in his hand?

  14. When you trade with someone on case clicker, the other player needs to put up a skin of almost the same value of your skin

  15. Hi guys, I just recently joined Case Clicker and I need some better equipment- Could anyone please trade me the following: [1] Karambit Lore ST FN and [1] Karambit Gamma Doppler ST FN? My NETHUB is WhiteDinosaur182

  16. why dont you use a autoclicker and set it to 10clicks a second? that is very easy and you can stop it at any time

  17. Is it possible to duplicate at iOS rn?
    When i play offline jackpot, you come up Like someone WHO Will win the items

  18. nice video, i would LOVE to have all the best stuff in a game sure, but then you need to think about what the consequences are for doing such act .

  19. hej Loke, du kan også bare bruge auto clicker det er gratis 🙂

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