BREAKING Storm The House with an AUTO CLICKER -

BREAKING Storm The House with an AUTO CLICKER

Code Bullet
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Can I break storm the house by clicking over 300 times a second?
Lets find out.


Hi Simon


  1. What thing do u use for coding AI or an auto clicker

  2. That bullet hell certain deat fuck you mode is awsome

  3. Why do you not use a normal auto klicker that kilcks every 0.1 seconds or 0 seconds and set The points to a perfect straight line and let it run

  4. can you send link of auto clicker download?

  5. Ai: i have a sniper rifle that holds 10000 rounds of amo and shoot 300 times a second and can ignore my code

    Please understand what this ai is capable of doing to us

  6. Bradley Richards - How To Get Better. says:

    How was I not already Suscribed to Code Bullet. I'm disappointed in myself.

  7. when he starts coding pause at 1:32 and look at the bottom code XD

  8. (7:45) Note how it might have hired the gunman right at that moment. It's likely this happened because the computer clicked before it moved, and the pointer was placed above the hire option.

  9. No one talking about how he used a picture of a man using the SkyWall 100 to represent rocket launcher dudes at the beginning?

  10. You can literally use fists after day 50 by pressing x

  11. bullet hell certain death fuck you mode
    i almost spit my food xd

  12. I heard cops also use the search for black pixels code

  13. “Impossible without the gunmen”
    Osu players:….

  14. Do it on storn the house 3 canpain it ends on day 40

  15. This is the first video I watched of your channel and I never saw I see it again

  16. Imagine being out of sight from the screen watching everyone die in front of you

  17. Code bullit where did you learn to code so good

  18. "Quick, calculate the amount of bullets used on this one guy!" "It's over 9000!"

  19. At the end you can see the after images of the mouse lol

  20. Hey reccomendation do this on storm the house 3 it has a bunch of mechanics and is a lot cooler

  21. Remember. A computer cannot tell the difference between this and having an actual gun to kill masses of people with unless specifically taught the difference.

  22. AI: I want a friend


  23. This aged well, this aged very well. We all understood that

  24. Subscribed lol I hope you have more content like this. This was a great adventure. Thanks for sharing

  25. This is the definition of the best defence is a good offence

  26. Jokes on you i have a millisecond autoclicker

  27. ꧁𝙱𝚄𝙱𝙱𝙻𝙴 𝙴𝙻𝙵꧂ says:

    8:07.. thats kinda sus, ahh 😩

  28. Him:does all this
    Me:just downloads op autoclicker

  29. I was using captions and I had a nightmare of a time.

  30. At school I skrrt skrrt At home I hurt hurt says:

    Why is Dutch the only closed captions

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