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Best Point and Click Games | TOP10 Point&Click PC Games

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The genre of point-and-click adventures has almost fallen into oblivion in recent years. Legendary adventures such as Monkey Island hardly make it to the top of the sales charts, let alone in everyone’s mouth. To change this, I have collected the best 10 point-and-click games of 2020 for you. Included are new titles as well as remastered versions of cult classics whose stories are still a lot of fun and guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic.

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  1. Most of my favorites are series of games "Polda" its exists 6 games about it, but in America is knowless only sixth game, most of the people (from around the world) know this game with name: Detective Hayseed: Holywood

  2. I'd appreciate gameplay footages not trailers.

  3. Thanks for this video. The trailers included gameplay despite what others posted. I only wish there were names of the games with timestamps in the writeup so I could skip to what I wanted to come back and look up on Steam.

  4. Second one looked like point and klick but others(I stoped there) looked like tell tale games. Or cyoa if you prefer that. Those are too different to be included in point and klick genre

  5. blazing dragon on ps1 wow fantastic game

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