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These are all the best idle and gacha games of 2024 rated on a tier list.

Looking for a new gacha or idle game to scratch that itch? You’ve got to try Summon Dragons 2. Use my link for RNGesus to bless your account. 🙂

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  1. Dang Duel Adv isn’t out for IOS.

    Tower of God : New world . Great game. Netmarble actually gave a lot of freebies.

  2. DUDE!! Where did you get that footage of Cyber Rebellion?! I’ve been playing the open Beta is that what the finished product is gonna look like?!

  3. summon dragon is like eternal evolution thats why it has free vip system coz their monization heavily rely on tickets

  4. Summon dragon is blatant copy of eternal evolution.
    Eternal evolution was very f2p until they introduced heroes above SSS tier

  5. Cyber Rebellion was good for about a month. Then you reach end of content. It has been out for 1/2 a year with no content updates. Warspell was removed from the Google play store. Your review is terrible.

  6. I don't regret downloading Summon Dragons 2.

  7. did you mean legend of fighters duel stars ?

  8. Omniheroes is a greatest whale trash i've ever seen. Won't wonder even if the developers will start to sell their parents on "sale".

  9. Just started playing Cyber Rebellion based on your video. I love it, but it does not look like its getting any love.

  10. Summon Dragons 2 is Eternal Evolution reskinned…….It is a cash grab.

  11. 00:02 2024 is a big year for idle games.
    00:50 Hidden Gem: Coolest Idle game with generous rewards
    01:44 Endless Lands is an F tier idle game with slow progression.
    02:31 D-tier War Spell is a fantastic game with Titans and Guild Wars.
    03:24 Legend of Fighters is a content-rich game with original characters and innovative gameplay
    04:15 Mad Tail faced backlash due to greed and mistakes.
    05:03 Omni Heroes remains a top-tier choice with extensive content and active community.
    05:50 2024's idle games tier list features wifeu gotcha theme.
    Crafted by Merlin AI.

  12. best idle rpg is Idle Poring This is a real idle game, you become passively stronger and can log in every now and then and distribute ststs and equip, but you don't have to actively do something all the time, unfortunately that doesn't exist anymore.

  13. This is a selection of truly terrible games.

  14. I was looking for new this 2024 not the top of 2024😩

  15. And what about Bard Idle? Available on steam and it's free.

  16. Duel adventure was another game… I remember the character models.. I just can’t remember the game since it shut down.

  17. when did idle games become the summon heroes genre?

  18. These are dungeon crawler semi action rpg cashgrabs, not idle games. Look at Farmer against Potatos. This list is horrible

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