Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. (by Viktor Andreenko) IOS Gameplay Video (HD) -

Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. (by Viktor Andreenko) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

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Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon inc. – a completely new afk auto clicker game based on the idle genre where you can choose the way to play: lazy style where you automate everthing or active way where you need to tap as fast as you can.

If you like customize your character like in anime, miner, park games – Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon inc. is a good choice.

Lumber Beaver and timber his son are waiting for you!
No signs of trouble! The beautiful house of the Beaver family is destroyed!
Ready for revenge?

In Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon inc. You will pass through unique adventure where you have to break thousands of trees in search of the culprit!

Simple, but unbelievable addictive mechanics will absorb you for dozens of hours.

Walk a tough path through the dense forests of autumn, flowering alleys of summer, magical thickets of mushrooms.

Take an axe in your paws and chop ahead! It is not known on which tree you will find the culprit of the disaster!

Make money and unlock new WEAPONS! Unique characteristics and sounds make the gameplay unique.

Complete exciting TASKS, thereby earning rare DIAMONDS, with which you can buy fascinating or maybe menacing SKINS for you and your son.

Use POTIONS – they charge your nervous system, you will be strong like the Hulk, fast like Super Sonic! Need more? Gather ingredients like eggs, lamps, cookie and etc. and create even more magical soup bottles.

Go through the PROGRESS TREE and get treasures, resources and precious chest KEYS!

Come up with your OWN LEVELING strategy, will you improve EVERYTHING gradually or SPEED, or maybe CRITICAL DAMAGE? Each option is good in its own way, choose wisely!

Fight with the mysterious BAMBOO – it recovers quickly, and if it doesn’t work out, use the super ability “RESTART”.

After passing through it, you will lose progress, temporary improvements.

But you will find WOOD, with which you will make yourself the real slayer of woods!

Good luck and be patient my friend. Sincerely, WebCave team.

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