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Bad Game Design – Clicker Games

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Idle games and incremental games are pretty bare bones when it comes to actual gameplay, so why are they so addictive? Let’s get scientific, Snobabies! (Possible epilepsy warning at 8:30)

Editing tutorial on animation:

Music by Chillhop Records; Chillhop Essentials – Winter 2018



  1. RWT is good in concept but terrible in execution

  2. Title: Bad Game Design
    Video: Cookie Clicker is an amazing game.

  3. This is why I admire games where the only things you have to buy are cosmetics

  4. The real-life problems caused by these mechanisms: you pay to be efficient, either with money OR with detrimental life choices. I almost failed out of grad school because whereas I paid occasionally for useful sales and items but could afford it, I had rearranged my life to always be awake briefly to tap the next thing to play perfectly efficiently. Eight-hour timers on my phone, three-hour timers during the day, etc. No matter what I was doing in life, oh hey, just gotta log in and activate a thing briefly, no matter the effect that had on work, school, or family. Didn’t end well, but got help.

  5. The worst experience I had is when I started to use an auto-clicker in cookie clicker which made me stay on the one page for hours at a time just watching with my hands off of the mouse. I ended up having to cheat in nonillions of cookies so that it wasn't worth it, (which is a surprisingly good strategy in order to quit.)


    Um.. well… you see

  7. cookie clicker is good because it isn't just a waste of time, as it really is more of a satisfactory thing, like the satisfaction of clicking the cookie or watching it break when ascending

  8. Clikertale 2 and 3 am i a Joke to you

  9. This just snapped me out and I deleted a handful of stupid games Thanks

  10. I can now stop playing these games forever after listening to this THANK YOU

  11. Yup idle clicking games are just boring now a days that's why i deleted pickcrafter the game just went boring after prestige.

  12. Cookie clicket is still good. It doesnt have microtransactions, and it is more detailed, unlike mobile idlers which constantly loop with rebirthd

  13. You frikcimng suasuhas h gha guybnaf ghba fghjaf ghbja sfghbjas

  14. What's the point of playing a game that actively tries to stop you from playing

  15. no wonder he thinks it's bad game design when he brings in microtransactions and cookie clicker. Cookie clicker is probably the oldest one and it's basic with hardly any new features as the game progresses. For example antimatter dimensions gives you new features extremely often and has absolutely NO microtransactions. Any game genre has bad games.

  16. I hate games like this because a lot of idle games say you have better things to do which is both counter intuitive and then why would i even play the game?

  17. Some clicker games you could have upgrades to help you click on things and you could literally do nothing and win

    Like luigi but not in an epic way

  18. Friends tried to get me into clicker/idle games. I got bored a minute later and never touched them again.

  19. Cookie Clicker honestly is awful. Is not only just repetitive and tedious to progress, but it gets even worse later in the game, where you have to pray every time you get the best golden cookies bonus along with the hand of fate magic. If the RNG screws you up just one time, you wasted like 1 hour or more, and you have to wait again waiting for the magic to refill. I cant believe that this game depends all of the time just with one mechanic that depends so heavily of low chances. This game honestly just suc.. and is one of the worst idle games ever made. Imo best idle games are the ones that dont remind you that, like Swords And Souls, that game is amazing imo.

  20. As much as your right I just love the big shiny cookie of cookie clicker, cookie clicker is one of my favorite games, mostly because I don’t play many games because of my computers specs but cookie clicker will still go down as one of my favorite games

  21. I'm not going to watch the video but just saying, cookie clicker is good

  22. Micro transactions should honestly be illegal. they take advantage of people with addictive personalities, like the gambling industry but completely unregulated.

  23. Never have i been so offended by something i completely agree with

  24. Can confirm after playing Cookie Clicker for 16 days and Clash of Clans for 5 Years

  25. "I hate idle games"

    Laughs in Lemonade Tycoon

  26. I agree with what you are saying and I am a clicker/idle gamer I play them because makes my 2 hrs commute bearable but there is a clicker game that really changes all of that and I consider it my favorite clicker/idle game, It is called SPACEPLAN and what it makes it different and unique is that it truly has an ending, story, goals, missions to complete, cinematics, awesome music, minimalistic graphics but very effective with the theme of the game, and really funny jokes. You should try it I consider it can be a good candidate for a Good Game Design video that talks about the other side of the clicker games.

  27. I play them to steal ideas for tabletop role playing games economics

  28. cookie clicker is better than minecraft change my mind

  29. The best clicker game has to be Universal Paperclips. It is basicly a deconstruction of infinite growth as it end with you haven used up literally all the resources in the universe to make paperclips.

  30. 7:10 yeah because evryone knows that gamebreaking glitches don't ruin the whole point of playing right

  31. To be honest, mobile games along with the idle aspect are bad. They have in app purchases for an unreachable goal. I’d have to say that cookie clicker(by orteil) is the best idle game out there. Any idle game wanting real money for progress is just bad.

  32. if you played cookie clicker without an ahk script, did you really play cookie clicker?

  33. Cookie clicker doesn't have have any microtransactions in the web version at all; While there seems to be the plans to add a small one-time payment to remove advertisements in the mobile version, there is currently no way to remove ads in the mobile version (aside from turning of mobile data and wifi, or just turning on airplain mode) and the ads are so small that I am literally able to straight up ignore them — as apposed to many other mobile applications where the ads not only take up the entire screen but also have a timer you have to wait out in order to close the ad. Such intrusive ads are a huge hassle in my mobile image editor for example, which isn't even a game! On top of that, any top-tier pledges to Cookie Clicker's developer's Patreon boosts everyone's game, not just patrons that pledge. Cookie Clicker has honestly gone out of their way to make their game as player-friendly and non-abusive as possible. There's no in-game purchases that use real money, and the ads on the mobile version do little to distract from the game.
    Yes, I do occassionly look at the tiny ad space at the bottom of the screen, but only to see if it is showing anything I might be interested in, which takes a second at most as opposed to the second to see a full screen ad in another app and know you aren't interestes but have to wait a total of 5-30 seconds to get back to what you were doing; some apps actually make you wait 45 seconds to a minute to continue if you're watching the add for some in-game reward.

    I'm rather upset that you choose Cookie Clicker to be the face of this video, instead of any of the many, many idle games that *actually* fit the narative of this video.

  34. Old video but this dude is trying to say: video/computer games are bad design and you're wasting your real time.

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