[AUTO CLICKER GAMEPASS] ROBLOX Studio Clicking Game/Simulator Tutorial Part 22 ROBLOX 2021 - androidgamestore.net

[AUTO CLICKER GAMEPASS] ROBLOX Studio Clicking Game/Simulator Tutorial Part 22 ROBLOX 2021

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📷 In this video, I’ll be making a Clicking/Simulator Game For Your Simulator Part 22

🤔 If you have any trouble with your code, I advise you to join my discord server for help:

🗒️ I do not give away scripts. You can only join my Discord server for some help.

👋 Thank you for watching my video!


  1. can u show us how to make a season pass/battle pass like we put pets and put stuff then people buy it "or does anyone have a model of it i really need it

  2. Im a huge game creator but suck at scripting ty ❤❤

  3. can anyone give me script? i dont know why it itsnt work


  5. i was wearing a headset and i vibed to that intro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. For some reason my stop button won’t work what do I do?

  7. for me it dosent stop when i press stop

  8. local player = game.Players.LocalPlayerlocal ownsGamepass = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId,enter pin)if ownsGamepass then = script.Parent.StarterGui.AutoClicker AutoClicker = visible = trueend

  9. I came here to learn not to get earaped by that intro

  10. When i click again on start this gives me +2 and when i click again gives +3 and again and again and stop button not working can you help? beacouse when i say on discord nobody helping bruh

  11. amount = 1timeValue = 1Boolvalue = script.Parent.Parent.stopButtonPressedplayer = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parentscript.Parent.Parent.StopButton.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function() Boolvalue.Value = trueend)script.Parent.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function() Boolvalue.Value = false repeat wait(timeValue) player:leaderstats:WaitForChild("Galaxy").Value = player:leaderstats:WaitForChild("Galaxy").Value player:leaderstats:WaitForChild("Galaxy").Value until Boolvalue.Value == trueend)______________________________________________________________________________

  12. Phantix Can I Have The Part 21 texture pack please

  13. Phantix one more subscriber to get 600 subscribers

  14. i go another acc to subscriber you this good idea?

  15. What do you have to put where it says Galaxy?

  16. Edit: Phantix helped me fix it and I just have to say, he’s amazing like literally this was my fault, and he helped me fix it, and he took that out of his own day because I didn’t understand it. Thank you!

    Thank you so much for making this video it helped me a lot expect 1 thing which I bet is on my end, but the script to make the GUI visible isn’t work, again I bet this is on my end, but it’d be nice if you helped me a bit more, sorry for the issue! (The main auto clicking script worked btw.)

  17. THANK YOU! Was a amazing video. Success to you. <3

  18. what is that galaxy thing do we need it or what can i replace the text with

  19. so this works great but 2 things 1 is when i click the button it wont go up with my clicks only the auto clicker will work 2 when i rebirth my clicks dont go to 0 they stay right where they were

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