Auto Clicker for ANY Logitech Gaming Mice! | Logitech Auto Clicker 2019 Macro | Harrison Broadbent -

Auto Clicker for ANY Logitech Gaming Mice! | Logitech Auto Clicker 2019 Macro | Harrison Broadbent

Harrison Broadbent
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So there are a few ways to get an auto clicker for your computer, but how about one built into your mouse? Well, as long as you have a Logitech mouse with at least one G key, you can do that!

This method lets you set up an auto clicker for any Logitech gaming mouse, all you need is the Logitech gaming software, and it’s super easy to set up.

This auto clicker actually works directly with the Logitech mouse through the Logitech gaming software, so it’s super easy and reliable to set up.

Thanks for watching, hope you found this useful! if you need help, let me know in the comments and I’ll give you a hand.


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  1. Thanks but if got me banned on lunar tho i am not on hypixel

  2. pls help anyone!!! what is the best mouse to buy for this

  3. Can we do this with G402 ?

    edit: Got the answer in reply

  4. Thanks for your tutorial i feel bad for you cause i mean everyone has their own uniqueness anyways thanks for the tuto

  5. Dude I set delay to 1 millisecond and no cap it actually broke my computer don’t set it to it it’s just a warning for others

  6. I have to add some workaround/changes…
    1. No need to repeat the click action. That can slow down the execution of your makro
    2. Add a 1 mil second delay between Mouse1 down and Mouse 1 up. And another 1 mil second delay after Mouse1 down.
    This will help some games to recognise the actual click

  7. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for to setup Left Click auto clicker while playing The Forest.

  8. I put it on left click how do I disable it? Mine is stuck is there a way to reset it i tried deleting macro and seething left click as default

  9. Hi Harrison. Does this work for the google chromebook that cannot download such softwares?

  10. very informative and worked for me in Fallout: NV, you sir have been a godsend.


  12. I love this accent. Please tell me, where do you come from?

  13. thanks ive wanted this for a while great vid I subbed

  14. why does it not work for my console i did everthing right and put it on on board memory and it wont work and i l click the button and xbox but when i plug it in my pc it works instanly and help plz

  15. i had to be the one person with the m510 wires mouse that i got specifically for a autoclicker now im sad

  16. bro this is the best video on youtube thanks
    like the video and the comment if you agree

  17. thanx! ur cool! best guide i've seen about it

  18. When you do all of this on PC, then unplug and connect to Xbox, will it still have all the saved details from PC to Xbox?

  19. Also, when you buy it, how much does it click with one click?

  20. thank you so much this was exactly what I was looking for, liked it to help! people being rude for no reason about your "voice" (I had no problem with)

  21. Jejeje todos sabemos que venimos por el Rubius 🤣🤣

  22. Ahora va aparecer alguien diciendo “ViNe pOr rUbIuH” ._.

  23. OMG Freaking awesome. A real finger saver on these silly games. I KNEW there had to be a way to get this done!

  24. I have a fucking MacBook how the fuck so I auto click I have been trying to figure out for years

  25. Hi mate, thank you for this video, question: I've tried what you're doing but I get a message that I don't understand, the message is: (at least one button must be assigned to left click. Assign left click to another button first) can you help me with this mate?

  26. Can someone help me i been trying to get the auto clicker for my g 203 mouse and i got the gaming software but the mouse does not show up only the keyboard what am i doing wrong?

  27. For some reason I can't get this to work, driving me crazy lol.

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