ALTER EGO : A Self Discovery Clicker Game || Android iOS Game Preview & Gameplay -

ALTER EGO : A Self Discovery Clicker Game || Android iOS Game Preview & Gameplay

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ALTER EGO by Caramel Column Inc.
This is game is for:
-Analyzing your own personality.
-Self Discovery and continuous search for themselves.

This game is a Tap- Clicker game in gather of EGO.
EGO is collected to unlock chapters to progress the story and to be able to take personality test.

This game also has Multiple Endings depending on the choices you make.
But it solely relies in your own interpretation.

P.S. I added some Voice-over on the narration. Yes those voices are mine even the ones that have voice changers. I hope you find this quick and simple gameplay motivates you to play the game for yourself. Have Fun!


  1. Hi! I've been following you for years on devianart and I must say that I tried to contact you for months to ask you for DL ​​of the Kanato Sakamaki model, please, I'll give credits, if you don't do me the favor of passing me DL of your hair.

  2. Is there a hack to speed things up please ?

  3. This game is so amazing I truly cannot reccomend it enough

  4. So unrelated but I would really appreciate it if you answer my question
    Before when you made mmds for diabolik lovers ,you made one with Ayato, Shu and Subaru which unfortunately I couldn't find it on your channel, would you please tell me the name of the song you used on that mmd? Unfortunately I don't remember the lyrics that well but it had candy or Something in it

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