ALL LEVELS in Food Fighter Clicker Game! -

ALL LEVELS in Food Fighter Clicker Game!

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Full Walkthrough of Humans Food, Giants Food and Universes Food in Food Fighter Clicker Game! All Levels & All Food!

Food Fighter Clicker for Android –



  1. How does S eat the cupcakeI struggle on R to eat the Cupcake

  2. Me seeing him switching hair styles, table and shirt. My brain:its a new person

  3. Humans food:EggsCookiesChocy pieDonutAppleChocolate barMini burgerTriangle gimpadKing duplinRamenCup cakeRamenWaffleChiken legJanjagmiyeonChamponPizzaHot dogHamburgerSpaghettiSteakKing broccolySausagePork bellyKing shrimpNachosKing sushiTakisIce creamRamen soupGiants foodShrimp crackerHaribo jellyOreoSalmon sushiTangerineMaccaroneFrench friesYakitoryCakeTakoyakiSweet potatoGiant Ramen soupRicePizzaUdonCerealWatermeloneDimsumJapanese ramenCurry riceBananaSquid sundaViatnemes rice noodlesOmelette riceHamburgerJapacheIce creamBossoamRed bean poriidgeBuldak noodleUniverse foodsStreet lampTreeRockCarBusTankHouseAirplaneRocketAircraft

  4. I have D and C and B and A and AA and S and SS

  5. How do you not have a cool down for the drink and x10 challenge? Can I get the link to this APK mod?

  6. Because I have to eat 10 mars to the earth

  7. Bro I want a challenge but there is a time limit, why aren't you there?

  8. I already installed the mod but over time the belly fills and the mouth too, how do you keep it from filling up?

  9. i had this mod too i like this my ffffaaavvooorritaa

  10. Update your food fighter clicker fastly and check the version 1.3.5 I have downloaded

  11. Thanks for the another long gameplay food fighter clicker and all foods humans,giants and universe

  12. You can upload video of this game food fighter clicker all versions gameplay

  13. Your level,coins and gems has been revelated !!!!!

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