Airfield Tycoon Clicker Game -

Airfield Tycoon Clicker Game

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New game on Android and IOS.

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Prove your business skills with the unique airport theme tap adventure.
Have you ever dream about starting your own company and becoming an entrepreneur? In Airfield Tycoon Clicker game you will be given the opportunity to realize your dreams.

Tap to create money and earn enough money to invest in your airport.

Start from a scratch with an empty airport, and reach the most impressive airport which has never been seen. Hire and level up staff, buy airplanes and environments to your airport. While your airport improves, new airport areas will unlocked.

Open gift case to get impressive clicker bonuses.

Free to play.


  1. I can't believe it, so much time. Softcen, if you ever read this, this game was a big part of my childhood. Thanks for everything and i hope you all are having a good and healthy life. Peace out..

  2. Hi There How Do We Give ideas about new updates???? I 💜 This Game!

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