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A deep dive into Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle game

Lil KleinStein
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In this video, I talk about an idle game I’ve been playing for a while now called Leaf Blower Revolution.

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A big thanks to Casualvoltage for voicing the angry neighbor in the beginning skit and the game dev in the interview.

The pie recipe:

Sources I used to make this video include:
– Humble North website:
– Leaf Blower Revolution Wiki:
– Leaf Blower Revolution player count:
– An article made about the game by “leaf blower guide”:
– The still up and running alpha version of cosmic raiders:
– Heroes clicker gameplay:
– Cookie clicker gameplay:

Intro Skit: 00:00
Beginning: 00:21
Video Explanation: 0:30
Development & Previous Projects: 01:09
Blowing Leaves: 02:29
The Lore: 05:11
The Community: 06:49
Reviews: 08:16
Interview with Game Developer: 09:30
Final Thoughts & Personal Experience: 11:17


  1. as someone with over 700 hours in lbr, i can confirm that leaves have taken over my life10/10 would blow again

  2. Dream uploaded? No way bro i love you Dream.

  3. Just been at the dentist, this made me feel better 🥳

  4. Maybe the real leaf blower revolution was the friends we blew ahem made, the friends we made along the way

  5. My favourite woman uploads again! another great video which im about to watch (havent watched it yet I just wanted to comment)

  6. As someone who keeps coming back to the game and has been with the community since Feb of 2021 i can say for sure that if any new players do show up to play the game your whole life will be leaves for at least a couple of years. Hell you might even become a leaf yourself :3


  8. i have 600 hours on this game it do be blowing

  9. You deserve more subs, stellar video! almost 9k hours in Leaf Blower myself, love it!

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