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5 WEIRD Idle Games! — Or: 5 WEIRD Clicker Games!

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I’ve already made a video about my top 5 idle games (at the time), but I kept playing them and found some really really weird ones. So here are 5 weird idle games (or 5 weird clicker games) that I actually enjoyed.

What makes these wierd idle games? It’s the paradigm shifts really. Sooo many paradigm shifts…


Kittens Game ►
Mine Defense ►
Sandcastle Builder ►
A Dark Room ►
Candy Box ►
Candy Box 2 ►

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Hat the Jazz by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

Faster Does It by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

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  1. Plzz add more idle/clicker games in your next video. Just some ideas: TubeClicker, Trump Clicker, WarClicks, Enchanted heroes, Business simulator, Poop Clicker, Tank biathlon, Justice clicker

  2. a couple which I love. God awefull clicker, realm grinder, idle online universe and anti idle

  3. play idlefall and pixels filling squares

  4. there's dripstat that actually brings your computer into the fray to process more stuff. conspiracy clicker which is silly. farm fortress which claims to be a multiplayer TD style idle but I've yet to play with anyone else.

  5. 3.4k+ hours in clicker heros nope i dont have a problem what you talking about.

  6. congrats IG. I made it 29 seconds before you became so annoying I turned off your video. Nice work.

  7. i know it was a long time ago you uploaded the video but, i will just say that the mobile clicker game "AdVenture Communist" is one of my favorite games, and i think you maybe would like it. But my favorite clicker game is on steam called "Crush Crush"

  8. You are by far the most underrated YouTuber I have ever seen!

  9. Candy box is literally one of the best games ive ever played

  10. I find it pretty puzzling that cookie clicker hasn't been mentioned in either of your videos. It wasn't the first idle game, but it was the first successful one. And Orteil is still making regular updates that leave it weird and wonderful all these years later.

  11. You should probably have a separate list for incremental games which have an actual ending, such as: A Dark Room, SPACEPLAN, Candy Box (1&2), Crank, Space Lich Omega (1&2), Armory and Machine (mobile), Insaniquarium, etc.

  12. "Here's 5 games in no particular order"
    "I've saved some (…) for last" while showing 6 games in the video.
    I'm mildly confused.
    About as much as when I've tried Sandcastle.

  13. Hey there ingeniousclown, I enjoy idle games as much as you do, and i also enjoy your videos. Did you see the Tap Wizard game on android? If not – you should. Not advertising, just want to share the juicy piece of gamedev art with the buddy 😀

  14. You could've just put "5 WEIRD Idle/Clicker Games!" or "5 WEIRD Clicker/Idle Games!" instead of "5 WEIRD Idle Games! — Or: 5 WEIRD Clicker Games!"

  15. how do you call a dying ant? an ant-agonist

  16. have u played "trash merchant of the (mutant) apocalypse?"

    "10/10 this game is pure trash!" – oscar the grouch.

  17. God I remember the starting song from my cringy animation years on youtube

  18. anyone know any games similar to a dark room and it's preqel they are litterally the best games and im looking for another game with that style of game play

  19. Cool to see Kongregate. Just a heads up to not go to Roleplaying Central since even admins dare not to tread in that chat

  20. I was literally playing kittens game, before clicking on this and while I was watching it.

  21. I know this is an old video but I'm so glad that you appeared in my suggestions. I had forgotten "A Dark Room" existed, I found it while looking for information of "The Dark Room". I definitely want to check out candy eater and sand castle though.

  22. I wanted to play candy box but all that is displayed is a website whit ads like "Bob Bobsen bought 2 dollar iPhone", is there somthing that I am missing?

  23. since there are new idle games please make the 2019 version

  24. Kittens Game is a spiritual experience. Thank you Bloodrizer! <3

  25. There was a contest where I had to beat candybox 2 and I just loaded a op save form some random guy and I actually won

  26. Can we get a mega thread of weird idle games along with a description of each game going here? Thanks.

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