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5 Tips to Make Better CLICKER GAMES in Scratch!

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👉In this video, I’ll give you 5 tips that I think will help you make much better clicker games in Scratch! This is the most difficult video I’ve ever made, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Keep Watching!

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Hello, so this channel is all about scratch, there are tutorials on making games, also many external scratch tools’ videos, and also tips and tricks etc. . So if you wanna know what scratch is, how to make a game in scratch, how to become better at scratch or if you just wanna know how to do stuff in scratch, this is the right channel. I’ve various playlists, which have videos of different criterias. Also, for support, I’ve a discord server (link down here), a scratch studio and also comment section! There you can ask your doubts, tell me how the video is, or just tell something interesting about scratch! Thankyou for reading this!

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  1. This is a great tutorial, espesially how you told us to have an ending to have an ending to the game, most cookie clickers get boring when they don't have an objective, most I played are just get enough value to upgrade each time.

  2. Pro tip for clicker games: Do not make cookie clicker become so much value that it becomes Upgrade clicker to combat add a higher price to the ugrade

  3. Another important thing to have is a save system, because clicker games are all about making progress. So losing all progress when you click the stop sign is not too good.

  4. Everyone – What a informative video
    Me – Nice editing 🤣

  5. Can you make a tutorial on how to make a 3d fps shooter game?

  6. 0:04 that hand wave literally got me to laugh as hell

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